Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus
An Old Catholic Faith Community of
Franciscans of the Joy of the Gospel
Independent Catholic Church of the Americas
Rev.  Robert Johnnene OFJ, Pastor
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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated every Sunday at
11:00 AM Sunday's at St. Joseph Cupertino Parish 742 Rock Street, Fall River
MA or you can watch the mass from their web site
St. Joseph Cupertino Sunday Mass
Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus is an all affirming and welcoming Old Catholic Faith
Community of the Independent Catholic Church of the Americas
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Saints Sergius & Bacchus Feast Day, October 7th
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2014 Annual Mission Finance Report
The following is the finance report for the fiscal year 2014 of Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus
The year began with a deficit of $2994.41 we had a
Total Income of  $ 11,283.48 and total Expenses $ 10312.52
Leaving us a deficit for the fiscal year 2014 of
Month         Balance   Income   Expenses          New Balance
-$2994.41                $765.14        $ 495.84                -$2725.11
February        - $2725.11                $527.00        $1070.58                -$3268.69
March            -$3268.69                $1250.00        $ 822.16                -$2840.85
April                -$2840.85                 $490.00        $481.08                -$2831.93
May                -$2831.93                $1009.28        $479.42                -$2302.07
June                -$2302.07                $418.00        $474.20                -$2358.27
July                -$2358.27                $3883.19        $4161.46                -$2636.54
August           -$2636.54                $725.30        $604.51                -$2515.75
September      -$2515.75                $456.00        $398.36                -$2458.11
October          -$2458.11                $543.00        $423.06                -$2338.11
November        -$2338.11                $456.00        $498.36                -$2380.47
December         -$2380.47                $760.57        $403.49                -$2023.39
In the month of July we leased the mission vehicle and put down $3750
The large expenses in March and May were due to repairs on our old mission vehicle.
The difference of $132.51 from the published December Finance report is the result of 2 expenses
that were not in the monthly published reports.
I thank all those who have been consistent donors to our ministry and pray that you will continue to
support us in the coming year so we can continue to do the outreach work of the ministry to Shut-ins,
nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions all over greater New England as well as out
Television show, blogs and maintain our web site.
Please make a donation today to insure we can continue our ministry as well as reduce our debt.